About Jasmine Hernandez (WTNW founder)

Jasmine is the founder and content creator of What’sTheirNetWorth. She is a finance graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and a professional financial advisor, and has long been fascinated – and inspired – by how the rich and powerful manage their finances.

Jasmine Hernandez

My Work Story

Like many good ideas, the genesis of What’sTheirNetWorth.com began in childhood. While I was growing up, both my parents worked in showbusiness. My mom was a make-up artist, while my dad was an entertainment lawyer. This meant that my home was often visited by athletes, actors, musicians, and other individuals that I had previously only ever seen on TV. Don’t worry, I am fully aware of just how privileged I was to enjoy such an upbringing!

Finance may sound like a pretty strange leap from the glitz and glamour of dealing with celebrities, but let me explain! One of the biggest things that fascinated me was the rich and famous lifestyle – especially, just how wealthy they were. That wasn’t a matter of materialism. I was just engrossed by the rags-to-riches stories that so many people seemed to have – how they went from having nothing to being hugely rich, and sometimes back again.

I was also impressed and enthralled by how these superstars retained and grew their net worth. After all, fame is fickle. In many respects, getting rich is the easy part – it’s staying that way that proves challenging to so many people, especially when we become accustomed to a certain luxurious lifestyle. This ensured that I was just as fascinated by tales of financial hardship and mounting debts for these individuals. How could somebody so famous be so broke? Sorry, no names here – just be aware that some of the people I’m referring to may surprise you!

I decided to study finance to truly understand how people in the public eye make and manage their money. Throughout my time in college, and whenever I tell people what I do for a living, I found that I’m not the only person that finds this topic fascinating. We are all engrossed – and let’s be honest, a little dazzled – by the world of celebrity and fame. Wealth is just one of the trappings of this.

So, that’s my origin story – and by extension, the tale behind What’s Their Net Worth. This site is dedicated to explaining the value of people in the public eye, and just what their net worth is. I update the site regularly to ensure that the information is accurate as possible, based upon constant scouring of news reports and public information.

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